Xogeny was founded to expand the frontiers of modeling in the enterprise. We help companies accomplish this in several ways.

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Software Development

To fully capitalize on your investment in model-based system engineering (MBSE) it is important to see beyond the creation of models and consider how to put them to work for your enterprise.

We think that a key element in leveraging modeling or MBSE is to make sure those models are deployed into the hands of those who need them to make engineering and business decisions. The most natural way to do this is to deploy web-based analysis tools that leverage models behind the scenes and put them on the critical path.


Another area we specialize in is advising companies on how to use modeling to reduce cost and improve timing. Although we make tools to enhance modeling, we are agnostic when it comes to modeling tools. So we can provide objective advice driven by experience, knowledge and *insight* on how to incorporate modeling and model-driven processes into your business.

Our consulting work covers a range of topics including not just model development related questions about the relative strengths and weaknesses of various tools and technologies but also process related issue like how models should be managed, how to facilitate collaboration in the modeling process, how to test and verify models and how to develop models and modeling processes so the knowledge captured in those models is deployed to analysts to help them make key business decisions.

At the end of the day, companies routinely make million dollar decisions based on models. So it is worth a little time and effort to make sure that you have the highest quality in your modeling processes.



Michael Tiller is a world recognized expert in building physical models with Modelica. He has used Modelica for a large number of industrial applications.

He also wrote the first book on Modelica, "Introduction to Physical Modeling with Modelica" and he has been training people in the use of Modelica for nearly 15 years. His second book on Modelica, "Modelica by Example", is available for online for free.

The Xogeny corporate blog has many examples of his approach to explaining Modelica, e.g.,

In addition, to help both beginners and experts avoid the tedious task of digging through the Modelica language specification to answer common questions, we created this Modelica Web Reference. Now, the most useful information about Modelica is available within a single click.

What Xogeny offers goes well beyond conventional "training". Our focus is on making sure you are successful not just in building system models but in understanding how modeling fits into the larger product development picture.

Our training is not about "handouts" and PowerPoint slides. It's about engaging in a discussion with our customers about how get the most value out of using models in their product development process. This means understanding their organization, existing tools, processes and constraints and help them figure out where they can get the best return on their modeling investment.

Our training isn't a set of fixed "training modules", it is a dialogue. We can think on our feet and tackle your hard questions. Our company blog is called "Will There be a Whiteboard?" because we feel that anybody doing training or consulting should be able to do it equipped only with a whiteboard. If not, they are just operating off of a generic script that isn't tailored to your companies specific needs.